Contraceptive Response of Beta Phase Titanium Copper Alloy for Intrauterine Gynaecological Application

Contraceptive Response of Beta Phase Titanium Copper Alloy for Intrauterine Gynaecological Application

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  • January 5, 2023
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The Contraceptive response of the Titanium Copper alloy (TiCu) specimens was tested to quantify motility rate, glycolytic metabolism of oxygen and glucose uptake of cultured spermatozoa in the presence of biomaterial specimens; using Krebber Ringer Phosphate (KRP) simulated Solution. The relationship and correlative effects of the in vitro contraceptive response (motility rate, glycolytic metabolism) of Beta-phase Ti-cu alloy was investigated with a view to developing an improved alternative intrauterine contraceptive alloy for gynaecological application, which replaces the existing Cu IUD 380. The monoelement, Cu IUD380 is associated with fragmentation, expulsion, and infection and biocompatibility cytotoxicity problems.

This research innovated the design and production of Beta phase TiCu alloy specimens in the categories of ; Ti0.5%Cu, Ti1.0%Cu, Ti2.0%Cu, Ti5.0%Cu, Ti10.0.0%Cu, Ti15.0%Cu ,Ti17.0% Cu, and the control reference material-Copper. The TiCu alloy specimens were produced by powder metallurgy technique in an inert environment.

Further invitro experimental investigations and Minitab Software Design analyses of contraceptive response integrity and the effect of surface treatment were all carried out. The phase constitution was observed using X-ray Diffractometry (XRD), and the microstructure examination adopted via the Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). The results indicated the effect of microstructure on mechanical compatibility of the specimens (TiCu) alloys). The microstructure of the Ti17%Cu showed very refined crystalline formation in beta-grade metallurgical phase which enhanced the mechanical strengthening. The invitro simulated test on contraceptive response of the Ti17%Cu alloy, with tests on glycolytic metabolism rate (oxygen and glucose uptake) and percentage motility test indicated that Ti17%Cu has effective response to antifertility in the endometrium.

Keywords: Contraceptive Response; Beta Phase Titanium Copper Alloy; Intrauterine Gynaecological Application; Beta phase TiCu

Nwogbu C. C., Udeh O.U. & Nwogbu P.I.