Rain Natural Canopy Interception Measurements and Computations

Rain Natural Canopy Interception Measurements and Computations

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  • March 25, 2022
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Creating the practical novelty to bridge the lack of quantification and documentation of environmental data relative to rainfall natural canopy interception in the study area, other locations in Nigeria and beyond where such records are neglected, prompted the vitality of this research. Thus, the meteorological measurements of rainfall (above and within the rainfall canopies) of selected vegetations were obtained for the four geographical zones of Enugu State of Nigeria in West Africa, and prior the results, relevant computations were conducted to attain the desired canopy hydrological data. Free fall, throughfall, and stemflow were obtained through direct field measurements using their appropriate instruments for each canopy stand. Individual rainfall duration otherwise time were also recorded, while rainfall intensity, intercepted rainfall, and interception percentage were obtained using their various formulas. It was found that the canopy interception range between -3054.3mm to -11904.8mm in year 2016, and -4968.0mm to -28562.2mm in year 2017.

Keywords: Canopy Interception, Geographical Zones, Intercepted  Rainfall,  Enugu State

Okolotu G. I.; and Oluka S. I. |Full PDF