Smart Electronic System for Prevention of Water Quality Problems in Fish Culture

Smart Electronic System for Prevention of Water Quality Problems in Fish Culture

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  • May 31, 2023
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This paper presents the development of a smart electronic system for prevention of water quality problems in fish culture. The aim the work was to help fish farmers adequately prevent water quality problems and maintain optimum water quality in fish culture required for optimal fish production. The methods used in the development include designing and analysis, hardware implementation, program and application development and testing. The main components of the system are controller, water pump, solenoid valves, servo motors, GSM module, temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH and turbidity sensors and liquid crystal display. Arduino Mega 2560 was used as controller in the system. The developed system exchanges bottom dirty water with clean and more oxygenated water, replenishes pond whenever there is water shortage, erects sun shade and windbreak, discharges excess water caused by rain and adjusts whenever any of temperature, DO and pH reaches optimum level in fish culture. The system also provides information about water quality and preventive maintenance operation undertaken to operator of pond or tank via app installed in Smartphone. The developed system prevents air pollution and contamination of land, water bodies and crops associated with poor quality water usually discharged from ponds by fish farmers while controlling water quality. It was urged that this design should be adopted in developing water quality control system for fish culture in order to adequately prevent water quality problems and effectively maintain optimum water quality.

Keywords: System Electronic System; Fish Culture; Water Quality; Preventive Maintenance

FULL PDF  |  DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.8019665